Isaiah Farms Est. 2014

How would you like to be a part of mission work, right here at home?
Our Story:
Isaiah Farms is a non-profit community outreach established to provide hope and produce to people who need both.
It's an idea based on the teachings of the book of Isaiah Chapter 58, where it tells us in order to have our own needs met, we have to meet the needs of others.
We began with the restoration of a 1949 Chevy pickup which quickly turned into a community project.
The restoration was a 6 month process that was completed in December 2014.
Isaiah Farms began operation by distributing hot chocolate in downtown Oklahoma City December 21st across the street from the City Rescue Mission. Over 100 people were served and new friends were made.
We continue to serve hot chocolate and instant bowls of soup during the cold season and produce and water during the warmer seasons!
We usually announce in church or on the Isaiah Farms Facebook page when we will be going out to serve, as this outreach is a bit of a spontaneous one.
Anyone with a heart to serve and gift for talking to people is more than welcome!